Leadership is art and impact

 Leadership is art and impact, art in a way that it affects people and creates positive changes for the environment. My leadership experience started when I took charge as the head of the Intra-School Student Organization during my high school period. I was also a role-model for the scout, person in charge of PR in my school’s Nature Club, etc. The reason why I accepted multiple responsibilities in my hands was one thing, to welcome a challenge to manage myself and other people to reach a goal. The hardest test I ever faced was when I was in a jungle for one of the activities of the Nature Club. I was pushed to plan and prepare for the expedition, cope with emotions and tensions that arose at times, cheer my friends up when the excitement was dim, manage resources simply to survive, etc.

One particular leadership experience of mine which I deem very meaningful was when I entered the University. As a person who came from a small town, in Jakarta I had to survive whatever it takes. Some seniors of mine had started an organization called Purworejo Students Association. Now the number of the member is hundreds. Another challenge and a huge goal came forth from within me. The city where I lived, Purworejo, is often considered as provincial. It is not dynamic, not thriving, compared to Yogyakarta, which is developing much more rapidly. I wanted to make my town better. During that time, I discovered that I have a passion in socialpreneurship. I took the challenge to be the chairman of the student community, uniting friends and nurturing the love and passion to develop the region. I started by building a solid internal team, commencing a spirit of innovation to create products, and inviting people to develop the town, together.

Thankfully, it was a big leap forward. The community has been a second family for other students and a vessel for them to foster creativity. People weren’t unconfident anymore to compete with other students from other regions. We came out on top in national students’ creativity competitions and we were recognized. I succeeded in making people work together to hold an entrepreneurship training, a business competition for high school students, and an exploration of natural resources in Purworejo. My friends and I suggested an eel breeding business which was prolific. The market was massive, not only local but also international for China, Japan, Taiwan, and so on. In the future I’m also going to develop another potential of Purworejo, ‘Kambing Ettawa’ both the marketing aspect and the processing of the dairy products.

In the future, I am going to answer a bigger challenge, to give a bigger impact to my country and to bring change toward a better direction. When we are focused in the development of other people, the society, or the environment, indirectly we are thriving to be better people. That is leadership, about art, and impacts.


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