Infographic: Manageing Social Employee

Isaac Getz, who in 2012 gave an inspiring, thought-provoking TEDx talk on the new workforce, believes that today’s knowledge workers must be “free and responsible to take any actions he/she decides are the best for the company.” Or else, as he explains, more and more employees will become disengaged from the company and its mission

That fact is that employees that are trusted to take initiative and feel responsible for the results are the most engaged (Getz’s roosters).  They show up. They solve problems. They fail. They learn. They succeed.

It’s the supreme irony that the more we’ve focused on developing leaders, the more we feel leaderless. We’ve bought into all of the managerial consultant jargon that exceptional leaders coddle and nurture their employees to excellence. When all we actually needed was to learn how to solve the organization’s problems ourselves or with our teams so that we’re more prepared to do it the next time.

Managing Social Employee

Managing Social Employee



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